17 January 2022

Anyone who decides to come to discover the capital of Lombardy cannot fail to visit the Castello Sforzesco of Milan!

Alongside the gothic spires of the Duomo dominated by the golden statue of the Madonnina and next to the modern profile of the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova and CityLife, the Castello Sforzesco remains one of the most significant symbols of Milan.

It was the ancient dwelling of the Sforza family: its origin dates back to the 15th century when Francesco Sforza had it built on the ruins of the old medieval castle of Porta Giovia.

Powerful, with its fortified outer walls, the Castello Sforzesco is visited every day by tourists but not only them. Behind it, there is one of the largest green lungs in the city, the Parco Sempione, and this is why the square in front of the Castle and its courtyard are always bustling with people, those who are visiting it and those who are passing through it.

By the way… Haven’t you visited the Castello Sforzesco in Milan yet?

In that case, you have to put things right! Here are the tours you cannot miss organized by Neiade Tour & Events, perfect for all-round knowledge of the castle, its history and the treasures that its rooms still hold.

Visit to the Castello Sforzesco: 7 tours not to miss!

Virtual Meeting: Court stories at the Castello Sforzesco

We will only need a device connected to the Internet to take this stimulating virtual tour to discover some of the most intriguing court stories of the Castello Sforzesco.

In this online meeting, we will – virtually – go through the powerful walls of the fortress to listen to the stories linked to the families of the Viscontis and the Sforzas and how they promoted, as patrons of the arts, many of the works of art that we can still admire today in the castle.

They include the fascinating Sala delle Asse, the decoration of which is due to the hand of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Not only art: some mystery is waiting for us further on, among the shadowy leaves of the Parco Sempione.

Virtual Meeting: The “Ponticella” of the Castello Sforzesco

Access to this place has been prohibited for many years now but thanks to the magic of the virtual world, this boundary does not exist for us: get ready to discover the famous “Ponticella” of the Castello Sforzesco!

It is an elegant loggia, with three small rooms looking in to it, known for having been chosen by Ludovico il Moro as a secret haven where he could grieve for his dead wife Beatrice d’Este, with his tears seeming to still echo near the so-called “saletta negra” or “black room”.

Guided tour of the castle and the Civic Museums

What could be better than to combine a guided tour of the Castello Sforzesco with a plunge into the history of art? On this guided tour, the Neiade Tour & Events team will take you through the rooms of the castle to relive the atmosphere of life at court, amid gentlemen and ladies, but more as well: we will also discover the precious sculptures in the Museum of Ancient Art, the Sala delle Asse of Leonardo da Vinci and the evocative Pietà Rondanini, left unfinished by the maestro Michelangelo.

The Strada della Ghirlanda and the underground parts of the Castello Sforzaesco

The route of Underground Milan crosses the plan of the Castello Sforzesco; it is here that there is the Strada Coperta della Ghirlanda, dating back to the time when Francesco Sforza was in power, around the middle of the 14th century. The long road forks in correspondence with the embankment of the moat, and it seems that its function was to make it easier for the soldiers to pass from the fortress to the Ghirlanda, i.e. the second ring of walls which originally defended the castle. Only one part, restored, can be crossed today: we will do so in the company of a guide who, in the weak light of some torches, will catapult us back in time.

The Castello Sforzesco and its crenellations

We climb up to a definitely panoramic height on this guided tour which will show us the towers and the crenellations of the ancient Castello Sforzesco: we will discover the paths taken by the rounds of the guards, picturesque passages of connection between the towers and the places where they rested and ate. From the Guards’ Room to the Rivellino di Santo Spirito, we will cover stretches that are as narrow as they are fascinating until we reach the Torre Castellana and the Torre Falconiera, from where there is a breath-taking view of the Milanese skyline.

Guided visit to the Castle with a tasting of saffron risotto

This tour is for gourmets or everyone who wants to combine the experience of a guided visit to the Castello Sforzesco with a food and wine experience. Are you ready to discover the star dish of Milanese cuisine? After going round the external courtyards of the castle, we will rest near the Torre del Filarete where, in the modern location of Spazio Theca, we will be welcomed by our chef, ready at the stove. After an interesting cooking demo, the long awaited moment will come: to taste the saffron risotto!

An all-round tour of Castello Sforzesco

If this is your first time in the capital of Lombardy and you have decided to visit the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, this is the guided tour for you: you will explore the castle high and low to discover everything about its history and fascinating stories of the court which took place here. From the crenelated towers to the magnificent staircases you will discover some of the finest treasures of Milan, like the Sala delle Asse by Leonardo da Vinci, the Pietà Rondanini by Michelangelo and the sculptures in the Civic Museums. Lastly, an enjoyable stroll in the greenery of the Parco Sempione.

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