Our guests this time are curious travellers who, as well as a guided tour of Milan, and knowledge, are looking for something more, real experiences; amazement and awe in front of a new discovery. In one word; an experience to live, which leaves an indelible memory and involves all the senses. It can be the inebriating aroma of a risotto with saffron with its unique golden colour, prepared in front of us, the screeching clanking of the tram which in Milan has run for a century along the network of tramlines. The owners of a historic shop, hand down skilful gestures from father to son, with their genuine expertise, confirming Milan as a hotbed of ideas and creativity. Enveloped in the blue air of the city from above or from the darkness of its underground places, inebriated by the lights and sounds of a Milanese night, the travellers listen, through our selected and exclusive experiences, to their own emotions,  It is a journey outside and inside the self. An added value that has no equals.

Rimani aggiornato sulle prossime attività in Calendario e scopri le novità della Milano dall'Alto!