From the guided tours with an aperitif in typically Milan style, to the guided tours for breakfast with croissants and coffee in a historic café, to fully-fledged food and wine experiences, with the art, culture and traditions of fine cuisine, like tastings of typical products and exciting cooking demos. Here you can find the unmistakable aroma of the golden yellow risotto with saffron, just cooked and served hot on the Tour by Vintage Tram, a glass of wine sipped at sunset at the top of the Torre Branca or comfortably seated in the cabin of our Corsaro dei Navigli motorboat. It is above all the history and culture of Milan and Lombardy that we look at with great curiosity, takin you to the places of the traditions in food and wine of Milan, in the area of the farms and cheesemakers, to discover the scents and history of our traditions, from the excellence of the milk, to rice, from the ancient recipe for mondeghili (meatballs) to sampling cocktails created in Milan and famous the world over. A real road of flavours that follows appointments all year round, together, to go over the thousand- year-old history and culture of a city with a soul that also enjoys the best things in life.

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