For the first time, with this guided walking tour, we will take you on a hunt for art, not the art kept in museums, but the art hidden in the streets of Milan, imprinted on its walls and doors, an art that knows no rules and that in Milan as well is able to astonish more and more.
Follow us on this unmissable tour of street art in the alleys of the Ticinese area, above and under the bridges on the Navigli, alongside age-old churches of Milan and in old courtyards we will discover real and unexpected works of art!
A guided tour for the very curious, to discover the original works by street artists.

Street Art: from a form of illegality to an art form

Until not very long ago, they were hastily dismissed and with a certain annoyance as “vandals”, the invasive and irreverent (and illegal) creators of communication proper to the world of young people, clearly contesting the “system”. They were mostly incomprehensible messages and for this reason they were labelled as forms of social deterioration to be condemned, Those words and those drawings were then rehabilitated, also thanks to an exhibition  which has gone down in history and which in 2007, legitimized by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, meant that they were considered as a new form of art, an expression of healthy avant-garde young activity. Then there was the exhibition on Banksy, in the public MUDEC museum, which dislodged many clichés: not always and not only Street Art as aggressive communication and not always and not only Street Art as communication void of content. But an art that allows reflections on the contemporary age to be glimpsed, with the communicative immediacy of comprehensible  (and, or appreciable) images in the street and therefore… by anyone. In this change of vision, it was discovered that the streets, the bridges and the gardens of Milan have a voice and that now,  cleared increasingly often by the courts, these multi-shaped voices can, on the contrary, be an important resource against urban decay (as in the case of the “Muri Liberi” project of the Council), a real antidote to the ugliness of many anonymous places in the city and against social deterioration, to communicate with young people who in those works recognize themselves and reclaim their city.

The Street Art of Navigli, a bridge between history and young Milanese

 This is how the murals with a historical theme in San Lorenzo came about: they are bridge between the Milan of yesterday and that of today’s nightlife for the young who today gather around its Columns This is how the protests painted on the walls of the social centres such as Conchetta or that of Via Gola come into being. This is how the often ironic murals which have colonized the bridges and the houses on the Navigli, where even Kandinski is quoted, have come to life. Images, but also messages that the “street poet,” Ivan, has scattered through the city, like those in dialogue with the church of San Calimero or as in the gigantic images in Piazza Cardina Ferrari which portray Alda Merini, Jannacci , Gaber and Fo and that more recent Milan which has to be remembered.

They are all projects of artistic “invasions” which private  buyers are now looking for, as shown by the Street of Irony, which livens up one of the oldest streets in Milan with images, poetic  messages and even riddles.

A guided tour in the area of Navigli and Porta Ticinese to discover the Street Art and appreciate this face, more and more emerging, of Milan!

Itinerary led by the architect Monica Torri

From cost:
€ 15.00
about 120 minutes
Please arrive 10 minutes before the start at the meeting point shown.
Meeting point:
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 35, in front of Basilica di San Lorenzo, near the sculpture of Emperor Costantino

Stopping Places:

The Ticinese part of the city and the Navigli, all outdoors.

What awaits you:

  • Guided tour by Neiade Tour & Events by qualified guides in Italian
  • Radio headset to hear our guide better
  • Neiade membership Card and stamps to collect for a free guided tour
  • Small groups of a maximum fo25-30 people


To participate is necessary to have a GREEN PASS on the “SPECIAL ALDA MERINI” dates, as entry in Alda Merini Space is foreseen.

A few simple measures to keep everyone safe and to enjoy the tour with complete peace of mind

  • It is compulsory to wear a mask (possibly surgical or certified) that covers the nose and mouth
  • A distance of at least 1 metre between participants is compulsory, which is made easy by the use of our microphone system, made up of devices which are disinfected after each use and disposable headsets.
  • Sharing objects with other participants on the tour or with the guide is prohibited.
  • Participation of anyone showing symptoms of flu or quo is in quarantine is prohibited
  • If in the 14 days following the tour a participant were to show symptoms that can be attributed to a Covid infection, they must contact Neiade Tour & Events ( to that all the other participants can be informed.

Our suppliers of the microphone system guarantee the disinfection of the radioguides after every use.


You can cancel or move the booking up to the 10th day before the visit; up to the 5th day 50% of the price will be withheld; from the 4th day before the visit the booking is agreed as confirmed.

The visit is confirmed when the minimum number of participants is reached. Otherwise the ticket will be reimbursed.

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