A guided tour of Milan’s underground passages, which conceal a hidden city. Descend to a depth of four metres to experience one of the most mysterious and fascinating routes to discover the Underground Milan. From the archaeological area of the Duomo to the Crypt of San Giovanni in Conca, step by step, it will be like walking back in time: among legends, ancient and archaeological symbols, we discover the foundation of the ancient city of Mediolanum.

Piazza del Duomo seen and Milan… from underground!

This guided itinerary, full of mystery and secrets, is below the ground!

Mysterious underground Milan: the sights are all below ground level. There is another city under Milan: archaeological Milan, which in its subterranean depths recounts a thousand years of history and secrets, with crypts, wells, tunnels, canals, tombs and hiding places. The sights of Milan can be seen in the daylight every day but what is left of the Celtic, Roman or medieval Milan? Has everything been discovered or are there still parts to be explored? We took you to the air-raid shelters along the canal of the  Martesana. We are waiting to be able to go under the Stazione Centrale. With our guided tour of “Underground Milan”, this time we are going several feet below Piazza Duomo and we can discover immediately that here there were once several basilicas and baptisteries. Underneath the large parvis of the Duomo, about 12 feet below the level of the square, we will find the archaeological complex that  represents the oldest nucleus of Milanese Christianity. Near a stretch of Roman road, thanks to  our guides, you  will be able to imagine the octagonal building of the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Conca, built in the times of St. Ambrose in 386 AD, which then ended up under the foundations of the Duomo. Walking through the remains of the opus sectile floors and a fragment of a 13th century fresco, there will appear the traces of two apses of the Basilica of Santa Tecla, dating back to the middle of the 4th century.

The “important” ruins in Piazza Missori

The guided tour does not end here: after a breath of fresh air, we will once again delve into the history of underground Milan, visiting the Crypt of San Giovanni in Conca. Have you ever passed through Piazza Missori and noticed the semi-circular ruins of an ancient building, scattered in the midst of the city’s traffic? Which historical period do they belong to?  When the traffic lights change, the thought has already vanished. These are the remains of the ancient church of San Giovanni in Conca, but are nothing compared to what is hidden under the ground. On this itinerary, the guide will take you under the arches of the only Romanesque crypt existing in Milan: you will be under a cross vault supported by 18 slim columns, with a pool and sarcophaguses. Enjoy this marvellous sight and imagine what one of the most important Milanese religious complexes must have been like. If you happen to be in Via Francesco Sforza…don’t forget to notice the “reassembled” façade of the church before the new Waldensian evangelical church!

Plunged into the history and the past of Milan, looking up and imagining the dozens of people walking above your heads, unaware of what is below them, will make a strong impression on you…

From cost:
€ 25.50
About 90 minuti
Please arrive 10 minutes before the start at the meeting point shown
Meeting point:
Piazza Fontana, corner with Via Pattari

Stopping places:

Crypt of San Giovanni in Conca and Archeological Area of the Duomo

What you can expect:

  • Guided tour by Neiade Tour & Events by qualified guides in Italian
  • Fast-track entry ticket to the Archeological Area of the Duomo of Milan and to the Crypt of San Giovanni in Conca
  • Neiade Membership Card and stamps to collect to obtain a free guided tour
  • Radio headset to hear our guide better (guaranteed on reaching 16 people)
  • Small groups of a maximum of 25-30 people

Please remember:

  • Please dress respectfully of the place (shoulders and knees covered)
  • Please pay attention to the floor and the steps, and wear comfortable shoes
  • Guided visits to the Duomo may be subject to delays due to the intensification of the security checks at the entrance, which are outside our direct responsibility.

Covid-19 Protocol

To participate, it is NOT necessary having the GREEN PASS.

A few simple measures to keep everyone safe and to enjoy the tour with complete peace of mind

  • It is compulsory to wear a mask (possibly surgical or certified) that covers the nose and mouth
  • A distance of at least 1 metre between participants is suggested, which is made easy by the use of our microphone system, made up of devices which are disinfected after each use and disposable headsets.
  • Participation of anyone showing symptoms of flu or quo is in quarantine is prohibited
  • If in the 14 days following the tour a participant were to show symptoms that can be attributed to a Covid infection, they must contact Neiade Tour & Events (info@neiade.com) to that all the other participants can be informed.

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    You can cancel or move the booking up to the 10th day before the visit; up to the 5th day 50% of the price will be withheld; from the 4th day before the visit the booking is agreed as confirmed.

    The visit is confirmed when the minimum number of participants is reached. Otherwise the ticket will be reimbursed.

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