Mysterious Milan. The dazzling city with its amazing shop windows, with its energetic bustle, also hides a dark side, which is “tremendously” fascinating. Our countless guided tours, often at night or lit only by the flickering light of a lantern, reveal criminal stories of wicked people who really existed. They speak of wars, secret societies, unexplored shelters, misty cemeteries and cold cases that are as yet unsolved. These itineraries however, also relate stranger anecdotes with disturbing aspects. It is a mysterious city, hovering between truth and legend, populated at times by skeletons in ancient burial places, a labyrinth of stairs, secret passages, towers and underground crypts. Ghosts and presences that cannot find peace. Elsewhere witches, wizards and even monstrous beings. You only have to wait with the due patience to be able to meet them… Milan has the most incredible stories. It is our mysterious Milan!

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