Format Description:

A figure from other times, from the past, approaches, welcoming the group to a picturesque route, which transforms the participants of this particular corporate event into spectators of  history as it comes to life, narrated and put on stage in these dramatized visits.

For once, it is the city that takes centre-stage, and accompanying the lucky spectators in the most beautiful spots of Milan, there will be Leonardo da Vinci or Alessandro Manzoni or even Galeazzo Visconti or the Washerwomen of the Navigli. With them, many other illustrious figures who in the past have been at the centre of the places and life of the city and, sometimes, have even changed its fate or devoted their lives to it.
History can be told, but it can also be experienced as spectators or participants of a corporate event, and not only in theatres, but in any place which is full of history and legends, at any time of the day or night, thanks to these dramatized visits.

The beauty spots of Milan change their role, no longer being a magnificent backdrop for the stories, but becoming the wings and the stage of a performance in the open air that is enthralling and unforeseeable.
It is not a simple tour or a simple performance, but a new and original way of discovering places that are known to varying degrees but unrivalled for their beauty and history, ideal to experience the places allowing the participants to see the actions of the protagonists, taking part in a real leap back in time.

History is not to be listened to, but relived

Experiencing history, plunged into a dramatized visit during a corporate event, accompanied by an exceptional narrator, a professional actor who, stepping into the shoes of a famous figure, will lead the participants along a route linked to his life and his deeds. Square after square, building after building, history will come to life, offering the spectators a real adventure, marked by amazement and unexpected discoveries, through the most iconic corners of the city, inside Historic Buildings and Museum Homes just waiting to be discovered.

From Leonardo da Vinci who reveals his secrets in the streets of the centre, to the Washerwomen who talk about the Navigli district, the figures return from the past, offering an unusual and exciting cultural experience that allows discovering the past and the legends of the places and characters who have made Milan great.

Included Services:

  • Dramatized visit led by professional actors
  • Event personalization for date, hour, program and timing on behalf of the client and participants’ requests
  • Pre-event consultancy, organization and elaboration of the detailed program
  • Assistance during the event until the conclusion
  • Participants welcome at the event
  • Guided tour, if foreseen, by Neiade Tour & Events’ professional guides , even in languages other than Italian or English
  • Location/transport exclusively reserved if foreseen

Upgrade Visite Teatralizzate Exclusive

A picturesque building in the heart of Milan, an exquisite Museum-Home and why not, even the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.
Open exclusively for the group, ready to bring magic to life. The past lives once again and the most important figures who made history return from the past giving rise to an exclusive and evocative dramatized visit that will enthral the participants as they discover history being staged.
Why make do with organizing an event in a museum, when you can bring it back to life again? Decide to discover the beauty of culture and legends, not only by listening to them but becoming players in them and privileged spectators.
In a venue, open exceptionally,  a unique moment which can be completed with a dinner or a cocktail, for a unique, unusual and thrilling corporate event with a great impact.

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