Format Description:

Discovering the history and living in the places, for once, we will play with culture, meeting the figures who did great deeds and who contributed to designing our city and  making Italian culture great. Choosing to spend two hours differently, defying one another in quizzes and enigmas of our cultural games, to see who knows best the past of historic Milan.

It is not a simple treasure hunt, it is not only a game or even a classic tour:  it is a perfect mix of all this, real “cultural games” where squares, monuments and famous corners of Milan are the other players in the challenges.

Divided into teams or individually, a unique team building experience like this one, allows having many experiences in one, meeting the characters, having to solve mysteries and finding clues hidden in the history of the place. To help a desperate Leonardo da Vinci find a work or to discover the ghosts that inhabit the squares and the most famous monuments in the centre, or even getting to know the witches who once lived in the city.

So… Ready, get set, go and may the best man win!

On arrival at the place of departure, an illustrious or funny figure or one out of time arrives to welcome you and to give you everything that will take you to the point of arrival: material and instruments for improvisation, and it no longer matters who knows most, but who can observe, imagine and step into somebody else’s shoes.
The aim? To beat your colleagues or clients, passing tests of improvisation, interacting with clues and riddles, stepping into the shoes of figures who have lived in those places and discovering legends and anecdotes. From one step to the next, La Scala, the Duomo and our art galleries will tell their story in a way never seen before, revealing their unknown side.

Walking through the centre, following a map, actually never alone. Always followed by an entity that is always in contact with you, through a mobile phone, which expects the best performances from you, and the answers to the questions that every corner conceals.
At the end of the game, an awards ceremony, which will decree who has won by revealing the most enigmatic answers and which, as is appropriate, will offer a thematic prize to the members of the team that came through best, without sparing themselves, in becoming the real star of the history of the different places.

It is an exciting experience, which will allow participants to spend time immersed in the glorious past of the symbols of Milan, putting themselves to the test and discovering new corners and stories at every stage. For small groups that want to defy one another, or for large groups of people who want to play with culture, becoming the characters from history and discovering it in an unforgettable way.

Included Services:

  • Cultural game in teams, with Neiade Tour & Events staff always available and a kit to participate given to each team
  • Event personalization for date, hour, program and timing on behalf of the client and participants’ requests
  • Pre-event consultancy, organization and elaboration of the detailed program
  • Assistance during the event until the conclusion
  • Participants welcome at the event
  • Guided tour, if foreseen, by Neiade Tour & Events’ professional guides , even in languages other than Italian or English
  • Location/transport exclusively reserved if foreseen

Upgrade Cultural Game Exclusive

If it is true that culture is fun, then discovering it in an unusual way and experience it “by playing” make it irresistible and in some cases… exclusive.

The sun sets and, for an evening, a museum, such as the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana for example, can be transformed into the perfect backdrop for an exclusive cultural game, a unique and unforgettable team-building exercise that allows discovering the past of the building, the precious treasures it contains and even learning its legends and odd snippets of information.

Welcomed by Leonardo da Vinci in person, seeking clues and defying one another in a battle of historical knowledge, you will discover the Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio in a completely new light, becoming Raphael for an evening and even replicating a page of the Atlantic Codex, solving the mystery and beating your colleagues.

Once the winner or the team that before everyone else solved the puzzles has been decreed, why not complete the evening with a dinner in one of the rooms of the location, which will be a perfect ending to your corporate event, unforgettable for all the participants.

If you need to organize your event

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