Let’s go into the ground under Milan, to visit and discover the Milan that is hidden beneath the surface, with over a thousand years of history and which spreads under the squares and the streets of the city. Guided walking tours which wind through the old Roman streets of Milan, go through hidden tunnels and subterranean passages, between excavations and archaeological sites, cemeteries, crypts and baptisteries, ossuaries and bomb shelters. Let’s leave daylight behind us and let our eyes get used to the mysterious half-shadow of subterranean Milan to visit the Baptistery of the Duomo, the Crypt of San Sepolcro or that of San Giovanni in Conca, to reach the G.M. with the few bomb shelters that can still be visited in the city. These are real cultural experiences more than simple guided visits whocj offer us an original perspective to discover together how much, of the origins of the city, has survived the passing pf time under the streets of Milan, between history, art and obscure legends.