Format Description:

There are places in Milan where time seems to have stopped.
Shops and workshops full of objects that are unique of their kind, at times more similar to art galleries  which often display their treasures on shelves on the original store furnishings, witnesses of distant times and traditions. The Milanese shops with a history. Fascinating and unique, they take us back  to the past of Old Milan and preserve the history of passionate craftsmanship, often handed down for centuries in the same family and still done today with unchanged love.

It is not only a tour, but a unique experience, straddling the past, the present and the future, in a unique and refined way, going through the oldest streets in the city which, despite the passing of time, have preserved these gems, memories of the craft tradition of a city which, looking to the future, does not want to lose the best of its history and its past of craftsmanship. Accompanied by guides who are experts in the history of Milan, to discover anecdotes linked to the oldest streets and to the monuments that are met along the way, the tour arrives in front of unique shop signs, which like gateways lead to other worlds and other ages, witnesses of the presence of fine Italian craftsmanship the bygone centuries as well.

Not only discovering the places, but experiencing them

Crossing the threshold, you enter another world, far from the city in its contemporary dress; with eyes wide open in wonder, you see the history of arts and crafts that have led to the creation of unique products of excellence: rare watches, cuckoo clocks and music boxes, pipes and old Nativity scenes, sweets and treats, furs and fine fabrics and much more.

The milanese owners of the shops with a history and master craftsmen do not only tell a story but involve the participants in a demonstration of creating these products, revealing the secrets of ancient crafts and conveying the passion that has been handed down from one generation to the next, letting participants not only discover the history of craftsmanship but see at first hand the traditions of arts and crafts.

Included Services:

  • View and/or entrance in a selection of historic shops, where participants will have the opportunity to meet the owners, learn about their history and witness craftmenship of the products
  • Customization of the event by date, time, program and timing according to the customer and participant needs
  • Pre-event consultancy, organization and management of the detailed program
  • Assistance on the day of the event until the conclusion
  • Welcome to the participants in the event
  • Guided tour, if provided, by the professional guides by Neiade Tour & Events, also on request in language others than Italian and English
  • Location/means of transport reserved exclusively, if provided

Exclusive Upgrade to Shops with a History

The discovery of ancient crafts, of a piece of history and the values of Milan at its most authentic is definitely an unrepeatable occasion for  a unique experience, building up a truly particular and enthralling  event for all those who take part.

If with the tour it is possible to discover the real essence of the craftsmen who still create unique pieces today, opening a shop in exclusivity for a small group to experience the real working life of craftsmen, experiencing a moment of creation, alongside the masters of these arts and crafts, enthrals and impresses at one and the same time, offering a real journey in time.

Not only spectators, but playing an active role and actually touching the materials that over the centuries have not changed, learning the secrets with which real works of art are created with skill and ancient tools. All this is an original format.

At the end, an aperitif or drinks, served in the heart of the shop, closed to the world and open only for the event, with some titbits to regain strength after all these discoveries and work. The real moment  to create relations, a particular and unconventional opportunity, in a setting never seen before, infused with the history of the past and traditions, for a truly unusual and unique experience.

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