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An architectural gem suddenly stands out in all its height inside the green heart of Milan, the Parco Sempione, not far from the Castello Sforzesco and Spazio Theca: the Torre Branca, the perfect place for an event or an unforgettable experience.

In front of us, the rational and geometric metal structure welcomes us and takes us by surprise, as we wait for the lift to magically  take us skywards.As we go up, we realize from the windows that the city below  is slowly getting smaller and slowly  we are leaving the chaos of the Centre further and further behind us.

Once we get to the top, which rivals in height with the Madonnina on top of the Duomo, our hearts take a real leap when, coming out of the lift, a unique and breath-taking panorama stretches out before our eyes: Milan from above.

A different Milan at 100 metres above ground level

An exclusive terrace in the heart of the city, a privileged point of view which allows extending your horizon with a 360° view, observing the symbols of Milan in  the heart of the centre to the new parts of the city and the modern cathedrals of glass and, further away, on clear days, the mountains which surround our splendid region.

At the top of the Tower, at 98 metres above the ground, there is a complete view of the city which  entrances visitors with the brilliant colours of the landscape, at sunset when a thousand hues of pastel shades frame the view as in a painting, or in the evening, when the view twinkles thanks to the thousand scintillating  lights which light up the city and its skyline.

The beauty of Torre Branca lies not only in its incredible view, but it becomes a versatile venue, ideal for any high impact event or experience. Whether it is  for drinks, an aperitif, a romantic dinner or an exclusive meeting that is looking for a unique setting, this place takes on the most varied forms moulding itself perfectly according to the needs of an event or a function, without ever disappointing.

Telling the story of Milan from a point suspended one hundred metres above the ground leaves an unforgettable memory in anyone who discovers the magic venue, in part unknown, from where Milan can really be seen, from a unique and incomparable perspective.

Included Services:

  • Event personalization for date, hour, program and timing on behalf of the client and participants’ requests
  • Pre-event consultancy, organization and elaboration of the detailed program
  • Assistance during the event until the conclusion
  • Participants welcome at the event
  • Guided tour, if foreseen, by Neiade Tour & Events’ professional guides , even in languages other than Italian or English
  • Location/transport exclusively reserved if foreseen

Upgrade Torre Branca Exclusive

The Torre Branca is undoubtedly a hidden gem of Milan, unknown even to many of the city’s inhabitants. Discovering it in an exclusive way is really simple, precisely due to its position and the many activities and possibilities it offers, having it exclusively for an event or an evening.

The Torre is amazing at every level, with its spaces available to organize an event for participants in increasingly incredible experiences.

Ranging from a welcome drink or for an aperitif at altitude, it is then possible to carry on with a dinner in the glamorous Just Cavalli restaurant, to then go up again for a dessert with a view, at 100 metres above the ground and, why not, to discover the excellences of the production  of the Branca distillery.

It is also the ideal venue to think of for product launches that are really different, or for informal meetings for a wow effect on participants and which will make any type of corporate event unique and unforgettable.

If you need to organize your event

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