14 May 2024

The city of Milan is certainly not one of those destinations that you have finished visiting in half a day, on the contrary… You can decide to spend even a weekend in the Lombard capital and at the end of your holiday you will realise that you have not yet got to know it all. But this ‘inconvenience’ is precisely part of the beauty of this metropolis, so multifaceted and multifaceted that it has so many sides to it – even hidden ones! – to show to those who want to discover them.
But if you want to know from a team of experts which places you absolutely cannot miss during a tour in Milan, here you are! NEIADE Tour & Events presents you with the 10 things you absolutely must see in Milan… and why not choose our guided tours?

The 10 places in Milan you absolutely must see if you are in the city

1. The Funeral Art of the Monumental Cemetery

Would you ever have thought that walking along the avenues of a cemetery could be much more artistically stimulating than frightening?
Well, Milan’s Monumental Cemetery is one of those iconic places in the city that really deserves a visit! If you really want to get to know Milan, this is a must-see: within its walls rest famous people who have made the city’s history, from Alda Merini to Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Enzo Iannacci. Take part in our guided tour to admire the architectural magnificence of the Famedio (where the remains of the Milanese writer Alessandro Manzoni even rest) and to take a journey through architectural styles – from Neoclassical to Art Nouveau to avant-garde – observing the tombs, statues and mausoleums of Milan’s illustrious personalities, created by great artists – from Fontana to Pomodoro.

2. The works of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana

Passionate about art? If so, you can’t miss a visit to the magnificent Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, home to masterpieces such as Caravaggio’s Canestra di Frutta (Basket of Fruit) or Raphael’s Cartone Preparatorio della Scuola di Atene (Preparatory Cartoon for the School of Athens)! Milan’s Pinacoteca Ambrosiana also hides tales of incestuous love affairs, beautiful women, illegitimate children and curious relics that tell stories on the borderline between legend and reality.

3. Sempione Park and its treasures


Among the 10 things to see in Milan at least once is, of course, the city park. To discover all the varieties of plants and flowers in Sempione Park – Milan’s green lung, a stone’s throw from the majestic Castello Sforzesco – there is nothing better than enjoying a guided tour with our team! During our walk you can admire the Arco della Pace, reach the Arena and the Civic Aquarium and discover the Acqua Marcia Fountain or the Sirenette Bridge!

4. The Terraces of Milan Cathedral

The Duomo could never, ever be missing from the list of 10 things to see in Milan… But how about we also take you among its 135 spires? Climb up to the Terraces of the Duomo for a view that is nothing short of spectacular: a unique panorama as you enjoy the story of the cathedral’s history and the hundreds of spires and statues that adorn the sacred building and symbol of the city.

5. The Castello Sforzesco and its sights

From the Sala delle Asse, frescoed by the master Leonardo da Vinci, to Michelangelo’s Pietà Rondanini: the Castello Sforzesco and its sumptuous rooms have much more in store for you than just the atmosphere of a 15th-century court! Discover the history of the Castle that belonged to the Sforza family and, why not, also some anecdotes about court life and the reasons that bound Leonardo to Milan and the Castle for almost fifteen years.

6. The Cenacolo Vinciano, the most important work among the 10 things to see

Speaking of Leonardo da Vinci… Although the Monnalisa is in Paris, Milan is home to another masterpiece by the Maestro: we are talking about the Last Supper! Find out all about the history of Leonardo’s Last Supper by taking part in our virtual tour, perfect if you cannot visit the work in person. The painting is housed in the refectory of the convent next to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

7. Galleria Highline

Have you ever been on the roofs of Milan, walking among the chimneys of the houses, admiring Milan from above next to the city’s most famous crystal dome, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II? Climb the open-air walkways of the Highline Galleria to discover the Milan skyline and all the history of the famous Salotto di Milano. You can decide whether to admire the city lit up by the sun and under the clear skies of a beautiful day or lose your gaze on the city as it lights up in the evening.

8. The houses and courtyards along the Navigli, among the must-see 10 things in Milan

For you who want to savour the Milan of yesteryear, here is a tour that will take you back in time: stroll with our team of guides along the historic Navigli and discover beautiful picturesque views, amidst flower-filled courtyards and railing houses. Don’t miss the Vicolo dei Lavandai, the courtyard of the Centro dell’Incisione or the green space surrounding Spazio Alda Merini!

9. Basilica of St. Ambrose

Who does not know Saint Ambroeus, the patron saint of the city? But how many really know the story of this extraordinary character? Come and discover it, amidst stories and incredible legends, with a special guided tour: let’s enter the splendid Basilica dedicated to Saint Ambrose, the undisputed symbol of Milan, and walk through the atrium, the bell towers, the naves and the choir with its splendid golden altar by Vuolvinio… A true journey through history, oozing from every stone of this ancient and enchanting place.

10. Branca Tower

The Branca Tower, a true work of art by Giò Ponti, competing in height with the Madonnina, will be the fulcrum of our guided tour. An iron structure that offers, after a quick ascent in the lift, a terrace over the city, a privileged vantage point to allow us to expand our horizons and take a bird’s-eye view, observing at our feet the Castello Sforzesco and a little further on the monuments of the historic centre, the new neighbourhoods and modern glass cathedrals and, on clear days, the mountains that make up our beautiful region.

11. Exhibitions and Museum Houses

Discover Milan’s house museums, small gems hidden in the fabric of Milan’s historic centre: anecdotes and secrets of the first owners of these historic residences come to life and the many historical and artistic masterpieces preserved inside become even more beautiful to admire, enveloped in that intimate atmosphere that only a private home could possess.

Whether you come here for business or tourism, or live it every day, Milan is the right place for lovers of art and culture, eager to spend a few hours in the rooms of the latest exhibition opened in the city! The schedule of exhibitions in Milan is distinguished, year after year, by the variety of proposals offered by the city’s numerous exhibition venues: Palazzo Reale, Mudec, Gallerie d’Italia, and many others, for a range of itineraries from antiquity to contemporary art.

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